ALL NEW Girls of Comic-Con 2012 PART 3!

ALL NEW COSPLAY GIRLS OF COMIC-CON PART 3! Cuz it’s never too much.
See more of Mindy’s Asshole Clothes!

This is an educational documentary video which studies costly in an artistic and scientific context.

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The Girls of Comic-Con 2012

MORE Girls of Comic-Con 2012

Yeshmin Goes to Comic-Con 2012

MORE Yeshmin at Comic-Con 2012

Jessica Nigri & Monika Lee – Day 1 Costumes

Jessica Nigri Sexy Nurse Cosplay – Day 2 Costume

BUSTED by Jessica Nigri’s PARENTS!
(Sorry guys, this video has been removed.)

Monika Lee Wonder Woman

Heather Clay Wonder Woman Uncut Interview

LeeAnna Vamp Sexy Star Wars Cosplay

Mindy’s Asshole Clothes

Comic-Con 2012 Preview Night Douchebaggery!


The Girls of Comic-Con 2011

Jessica Nigri Cosplay Hot Chick at Comic-Con

Jessica Nigri Hot Cosplay Interview #2

Hot Sex with Kassem G at Comic-Con

Exclusive Shay Carl Interview at Comic-Con

PART 2: HOT CHICKS at Comic-Con 2011

Yeshmin Trolls Comic-Con

Yeshmin Interviews Rick Baker – Legendary Monster Makeup Artist

Yeshmin Meets The Guild

Comic-Con Douchebaggery!

Topless at Comic-Con!

Megan Fox at Comic-Con!

Photo Crashing at Comic-Con!

Stripper Bus at Comic-Con!

Nerd Fight at Comic-Con!

Greenskeepers – “Money” is provided courtesy of Om Records:

Special thanks to Doug & Ben Benson for helping me shoot this!

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