Husky puppy – Husky vs stairs

Husky puppy trying to walk down the stairs.

This is Dakota, my husky pup trying to master the stairs, but this time, unfortunately the stairs won. Though props to my little husky pup for at least getting her front paws on step 2!

I am going to try with some other, more appetising treats for the next session. She loves natures:menu treats and they may get her to finally walk down the stairs.

I also have to be conscious of the neighbours, as you can hear, she talks a lot and her yapping really does hit some fairly high pitches and I’m not sure how long they can deal with it, I know for sure I can only cope for so long. I’m leaning that Huskies talk!

If you have any tips to help get my puppy down the stairs, please comment below!

Natures menu treats are available here:

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