Mass Effect 3 SomeWhere in the WaterFalls

So this project was began a long time ago i wanted to finish it soon as possible to move on a new one, wanna simulate ME3 HQ how it would look ingame, dropships would come to drop players or buying packs from store.
So you can see i had trouble with camera again, its hard cause when you click somewhere else the camera totally mess her movement track. So i had big problem doing that thats why it looks a bit crappy. Also i had a lot of ideas to add sheaprd to dance, but after i rendered it 😀 Also i Noticed i could add to liara, ashley or EDI lipstick will look later on it , with mass effect explorer by Warranity Woider it is possible. But who will read description till now 😀 right. Or chrome EDI could be beast.
Also i had problem with Shepard model to work correctly here.

Reason why i dont make Version With male characters is that, female audience is a lot smaller and they usually do not leave comments or thumbs up.

Songs: Music
1. Boys wanna be her by Peaches
2. Buttons by PussyCat Dolls
3. Mr. Misfortune by Hadouken

Hope it dont get banned by copyright.

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