NASA’s Mars Pathfinder & Sojourner Rover (360 View)

Video: NASA’s Mars Pathfinder & Sojourner Rover (360 View)

Descripción: Explore the landing site of NASA’s Pathfinder mission to Mars with your mouse or mobile device. This 360-degree panorama includes the lander’s companion rover, Sojourner, and top science targets. NOTE: Not all browsers support viewing 360 videos/images. View & download at

Click the links below to find out more about each point of interest.

Pathfinder Lander & Sojourner Rover

Mission Facts [PDF]


Twin Peaks

Barnacle Bill

Rock Garden

Science Results

Rock & Soil Types

This vista was stitched together from many images taken in 1997 by Pathfinder. For more information, visit and

Pathfinder and Sojourner figure into Mark Watney’s quest for survival on the Red Planet in the book and movie, “The Martian.” See JPL’s role in making “The Martian” a reality: and discover nine real NASA technologies in “The Martian” here:

Learn more about NASA’s “Journey to Mars” at

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