Severus Snape | Important Scenes in Chronological Order

Severus Snape’s most important scenes and arcs in the Harry Potter film series in chronological order, from meeting Lily to his memory living on in a name… Happy 54th Birthday to one of my all-time favorite characters! My fan fiction, which the video leads up to:
UPDATE: My next video is in the works! I plan to call it: Harry Potter: Dark and Light. Also: music links for this video are down below.
I made this video to counteract the overwhelming amount of Snape hate I’ve seen on Tumblr over the last couple years.

Alan Rickman portrays Snape’s character beautifully, despite knowing very little about Severus’ motivations (contrary to popular belief!) in the films shot before the 7th book was published.

To consider:

– Double-meanings; in dialogue, for example, when Remus is talking to Harry about Harry’s mother (seeing the beauty in people), and Severus talking to Harry about “controlling his emotions” (something he’s had to do for most of his life).
– What the movies left out (if you haven’t read the books, you really should!); such as Snape’s debt to James and calling Lily a Mudblood.
– Character motivations, such as; no one loves or rightly trusts Snape except for Dumbledore; Snape treats Neville the way he does largely because Neville could’ve been the Chosen One instead of Harry, thus Lily wouldn’t have been killed (and Neville probably reminds Snape of everything he didn’t want to be as a child); and Snape sees Harry and Ron as James and Sirius.
– Character arcs, such as Snape how views Harry: first as a copy of James, then as Lily’s son, and then, I would argue, as “just Harry.”

Be sure to give your opinions on Snape’s character in the comments!

Song links (in order of appearance): The Cinematic Orchestra, “Arrival of the Birds” + “Transformation” …
M83, “I’m Sending You Away”…
Jorge Méndez (Check his channel out, his music is amazing!), “Begin”…

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