Star Wars vs Star Trek: The Enterprise Strikes Back – 4K

I wrote the song with my friend Brenden. We’re called Scott & Brendo! Download “Feel It” here:
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Come to Fantasy Con July 3rd-5th. We’ll be there performing!

Song features Drew Alexander on the chorus!

Let’s be true friends!
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Written and Directed by Scott Winn
Cinematography by Derek Pueblo

Choreography by Jason Celaya. Watch the dance tutorial here:

Performers: Jason Celaya (McCoy), Jason Pickett (Kirk), Denali Pontvianne (Uhura), Landon Anderson (Spock), Kiana Little (Sulu), Gabe Casdorph (Scottie)

Lighting by Matt Endicott. This guy is insanely talented!

Visual Effects by:
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End Title by Curtis Hickman

Color Correction by Ben Brooksby

Sound Design by Brenden Bytheway
mautaymaut [at]

Hair and Makeup by the incredible Paul Mitchell school. Lead by Michelle Katsanevas.

Shot entirely in 4K on the Red Epic with Lomo Animorphic and Zeiss CP2 lenses.


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Canon 16-35 :
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Glidecam HD-4000 :
Polarizer :

K lata homies…

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