Trekspertise – The Post-Feminism of Star Trek

Video: Trekspertise – The Post-Feminism of Star Trek

Descripción: How does Star Trek approach feminism? Have there been successes? Failures? In this episode, we discuss the what kind of society Star Trek presents to us and we will see how women fare in that society. For corrections, see below.

Be sure to check out Ian Grey’s article, Now “Voyager”: In Praise of the Trekkiest Trek of All –

Also check out Jarrah Hodge’s article on on running Trek through the Bechdel Test:
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Special thanks to Jarrah Hodge of (she can be found on the Twitters: @jarrahpenguin)

– In the dialogue, it is mentioned that the original Number One character is the second officer aboard the Enterprise. This is incorrect, as pointed out by commentator Michael H. This was an unfortunate oversight.
– Also, Emma Watson is, indeed, giving at speech to the United Nations, not the United States. As with the rank of the Number One character, this is also just a simple slip-up (many thanks to Michael H.)

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